Nov 13, 2015

Mystery Case Files 13: Ravenhearst Unlocked Game Download
Continue your struggle against Alister Dalimar and his schemes to obtain eternal life in Mystery Case Files 13: Ravenhearst Unlocked PC Game from Eipix Entertainment!

But this time your task is much harder than ever. After the events of Mystery Case Files 12 Key to Ravenhearst you have jumped off the cliff during the explosion. Fishermen found you in the sea and saved, but doctors in the hospital decided that your talks about Dalimar, immortality and Ravenhearst is a delusion caused by a severe concussion and transferred you to the Manchester Lunatic Asylum! You awakened in the former Alister’s cell and the first person you saw was Charlotte, killing Asylum’s personnel! You have to find a way out from your cell, prove doctors that you’re sane and once again break plans of Dalimar and Charlotte. But shard that was lodged in your forearm left its trail in your soul, and you are under its influence now… How it will inflict your actions? Moreover, what if there’s no Dalimar exists and from the beginning it all was just your hallucinations? Play 13th installment of MCF and find out shocking truth in this breathtaking Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure!
Mystery Case Files 13 is very good PC game, it has been designed by top-class Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game writers. Your task in this classy Mystery Case Files 13: Ravenhearst Unlocked game is to solve the series of Puzzle Hidden Object Adventure problems of all kinds. Mystery Case Files 13 CE elements surrounded by main HOPA quest, where you'll go back and forward to solve issues, getting honors and using them elsewhere.
No matter are you only rookie, who just met the macrocosm of intriguing computer games, or one of old-school fanciers of Hidden Object Adventure games genre - you will undoubtedly like outstanding Mystery Case Files Part XIII: Ravenhearst Unlocked PC game. Mystery Case Files 13: Ravenhearst Unlocked include a huge amount blithe turns of the photoplay so you get to travel to different places in the game dimension. When you come into enjoyable macrocosm of Mystery Case Files 13: Ravenhearst Unlocked, you will discover all charms of Hidden Object/Adventure genre.
System requirements:
CPU: 2.0 GHz
HDD: 303.58 MB
Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
RAM: 2048 MB
DirectX: 9.0

Mystery Case Files 13: Ravenhearst Unlocked Game Download Reviews,
9.87 out of 10 based on 108 ratings

>Mystery Case Files 13: Ravenhearst Unlocked Game Download

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